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Mouth Body Connection in Franklin & Marlborough MA

A woman smiling and holding a felt heartLong accepted, the mouth body connection is largely unknown to the general public. People are simply unaware of the fact that their oral health does in fact impact their medical health.

Because gum tissue is so full of blood, gums can become an easy avenue for infections of the mouth to travel and damage other systems in the body. With lymph nodes so close to the underside of the jaw, if these infections infiltrate them, they can move anywhere in the body.

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Concerns about Oral Cancer

Any type of cancer can cause dread in patients. Although while many people are worried about lung or bone cancer, oral cancer is a real concern too. Most patients will become anxious over an odd place in their gums or mouth which they consider to be cancerous. It is a natural thing to do, however, it should be duly noted that most growths or discolorations are largely benign in nature. As with any type of cancer, early detection is the key in successfully treating it.

Gum Disease and Tooth Loss

With advanced periodontal disease, which is one of the most frequently occurring oral diseases, patients may lose multiple teeth. When this occurs the natural shifting of the remaining teeth to the vacated space can cause numerous complications. Their movement needs to be halted by either a procedure or appliance.

When a patient's teeth begin to shift, the contact points or chewing surfaces of the teeth change, which can greatly impact the wear patterns and effectively speed up the erosion process.

When teeth shift, that also changes the patient's natural bite motion. And while this does impact the teeth, it can also impact the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), which secures the jawbone to the patient's skull. Complications to this joint can affect speech and hearing, as well as cause pain at the joint site and in the oral cavity.

With gum disease, it should also be noted as it progresses and a patient loses teeth, the natural opposing forces which help keep the jaw healthy are lost. Without the natural pressure on the jawbone, it can begin to break down and be resorbed by the body. Once started, this deterioration is progressive and can spread through the jawbone and into the rest of the body.

It has been confirmed that oral infections can lead to arthritis, diabetes, respiratory complications, and even heart disease.


It is important patients realize the value in performing preventative measures such as brushing, flossing and using mouthwash as well as scheduling bi-annual cleanings and exams in order to combat the potentially dangerous infections of the mouth. Just as exercise helps to keep the body healthy and strong, regular practice of good oral hygiene can keep the teeth, gums, and jaw healthy and decrease the chances of infection.

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Mouth Body Connection in Franklin MA & Marlborough MA
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