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Gum Graft in Marlborough, MA & Franklin, MA

Dentist explaining an xray to a woman patientHave you been diagnosed with periodontal disease? Are you looking for treatment options?

We understand that gum disease is serious. You may have been experiencing symptoms of gum disease for a while. Your gums may be receding. You may have mouth pain. If you are worried about the effects of gum disease on your gums, we can help. We can help you work to restore your gums. There is a process called a gum graft that our specialists at Periodontal Specialistsoffer,

What Causes Gum Recession?

If your gums are receding due to gum disease, you need to know that you aren't alone. In fact, gums recede more from gum disease than from any other reason.

Millions of Americans have gum disease and suffer from the effects of gum disease. Some people are at a higher risk of gum disease than others.
•  Tobacco users are more likely to get gum disease.
•  People with diabetes are also at a higher risk of gum disease.
•  Poor oral hygiene also contributes to gum disease.
•  There are a few people who have receding gums due to over brushing
•  they brush too long or they brush too hard.
•  Sometimes people who have oral piercings such as a tongue piercing or a lip piercing may be more at risk for gum disease or gum regression.

What Are Gum Grafts?

We have three different types of grafts that we use on our patients' gums. Before we can organize gum grafts, we need to treat your existing gum disease. We'll have to clean your gums and teeth and treat the infection in your gum tissue.

Then we'll have to give your gums a chance to completely heal. We can then prepare your gums for a gum graft.

One type of graft that we do is called a connective tissue graft. This is the most common type of gum graft that we do in our practice. In a connective tissue graft, we take tissue from the roof of your mouth and stitch it over your gums where they are receding.

There are also gingival grafts, for which we can get donor grafts, because these kinds of grafts usually involve large amounts of tissue. There are also pedicle grafts, which we perform by stretching tissue over the area that needs a graft.

Benefits of Gum Grafts

Gum grafts are amazing to patients in our practice. Gum grafts help us save our patient's gums from additional damage. They help our patients keep more bone mass in their jaws, which makes them stronger for a longer period of time.

Gum grafts ensure that your teeth and gums don't become overly sensitive. We can use grafts to cover exposed nerves in your mouth, which minimizes your gums' sensitivity. Your gums can also look better with a graft, which means you smile more.

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